The Ebony

Chamber Choir Concert
Stage Director Aleksey Veiro
Designer Etel Ioshpa
Novaya Opera Chamber Choir
Choirmaster Yulia Senyukova
Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes with no intermission
Premiered on 28 May 2013
Recommended for 12+
A chorus performance The Ebony has emerged from the concert of the Kolobov Novaya Opera Chamber Choir. Stage director Aleksey Veiro defines this genre as a performance without a performance. This is an illusion of home music playing and singing for themselves. The performance is based on spirituals (religious songs and hymns of African-Americans) in all their diversity. The concert comprises the famous composer Moses Hogan’s arrangments and African songs from the repertoire of the internationally acclaimed Robert Shaw Chorale.
In the Mirror Foyer
Wednesday 19:00
The Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre
3/2 Karetny Ryad (Hermitage Garden), Moscow, 127006, Russia
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